Newmont Goldcorp Australia shed the kilos during their Fit for Life campaign


It’s an alarming reality that many Australians are currently on the path to disease. Our modern lifestyles are wreaking havoc on our health and wellbeing. Our convenience-driven food choices, ever increasing workloads, constant connectivity – even our more sedentary lifestyle has been linked to the rise in chronic disease.

Here’s how Australians currently measure up…

  • 12% are regular smokers
  • 20% are affected by stress
  • 20% consume alcohol at high risk
  • 35% don’t get adequate sleep
  • Only 48% are sufficiently active
  • Only 10% eat enough vegetables

The good news is that the majority of chronic diseases are preventable by making smart lifestyle choices.


Making smart lifestyle choices at work…

Given that Australians are spending more and more time at work, the importance of providing a safe and healthy work environment is not only our responsibility as an employer, it makes good business sense too!  This is something that employers such as Newmont Goldcorp Australia know too well and as a result are taking action to create a healthier work environment.

Management at Newmont Goldcorp Australia were keen to incorporate exercise into their daily routines and promote a healthy lifestyle across their Perth sites so contacted Worksite Fitness and Rehabilitation to run a Fit for Life campaign across their two locations from February to April of this year.


Newmont Goldcorp Australia get Fit for Life

WFR’s Fit for Life is an 8-12 week workplace campaign, designed to encourage and support individuals to overhaul their unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Their campaign was designed to give participants the opportunity to try new exercise regimes (such as the HIIT class) in a more comfortable / familiar environment than a gym. Running activities onsite also sent a clear message to staff that they had ‘permission’ to exercise throughout the day and individuals had management’s support in prioritising their health.

WFR designed a bespoke campaign including a calendar of activities to support the 12-week campaign and Newmont Goldcorp’s Objectives – including various exercise classes, fortnightly individual follow-ups, nutrition and education sessions and more. The campaign was run across their two sites and was kicked off with a goal setting session with each participant to ensure healthy short-term goals were created.

Caroline Gordon Business Assistant at Newmont Goldcorp Australia worked alongside WFR to co-ordinate the campaign internally. “The feedback has been very positive. Staff had the opportunity to experience different fitness and wellness activities. Many people have asked to continue with a class in the office and it has been a great opportunity for team building. I personally participated in the program and am glad that I did. It was nice not to feel guilty for popping out to a class as it was fully endorsed by the company” said Caroline.

Following the positive feedback and participation in the program, Newmont Goldcorp opted to extend fitness classes at their Subiaco and Welshpool site for another 8 weeks to continue with the fitness activities.

80% of participants reported that they increased their activity during the Fit for Life campaign. Of the people that were assessed, a minimum of 5 cm was lost from their bodies – equating to anywhere between 2-10 kgs.

Here’s what some of the Fit for Life participants had to say:

“I found the structure of the 12-week program helpful to set a few lifestyle goals that then became a habit. I set out to lose some weight by being more active and now I have an established routine that keeps me active even after the program has finished. A lot of the work I did I knew how to do on my own but the frequent check-ins and structure of filling out the workbooks kept me motivated and accountable”.

“The challenge was the motivation I needed to start shedding some of the kilos I had gained over many years. Through dietary changes, more targeted exercise and heaps of encouragement, I surpassed my initial weight loss goal of losing 6kg in 12 weeks. While on the challenge, I came to the realisation that I have more mental toughness/stamina than I’d ever given myself credit for. Since finishing the challenge, I’ve continued to lead a healthier lifestyle and have continued to lose weight. And surprisingly, I have even started to enjoy structured exercise (classes)”.

“The program certainly drove accountability and I was more diligent in cycling as well as using stand-up desk, increase water intake as well and in the process lost 4kg over the period”.

Want to shake up the lifestyle habits in your workplace? Click here for more information on Fit for Life or contact us to design a challenge for your workplace today.