Why Invest?

A workplace injury prevention and wellness program is a valuable investment for your organisation. A healthy worker is likely to be more motivated, productive and take less sick leave. Research also shows that healthy workers are safer workers.

The Benefits

  • Reduce absence due to sickness
  • Create a positive work environment and workplace culture.
  • Reduce the incidence of accidents or injuries.
  • Reduce lost productivity due to smoking breaks and sick leave.
  • Fewer occurrences of poor mental health and stress claims.

Return on Investment

  • Healthy workers are 30% more productive than unhealthy workers.
  • Reduce absence due to sickness by 21%.
  • Increase productivity at work by 29%.
  • Improve overall worker health by 24%.
  • For every dollar invested in health over a three year period, the return on investment ranges from $1.40 to $4.70.