Reducing Workplace Risk

Poor ergonomic design and layout of work areas are a major contributor to musculoskeletal strains and sprains. WFR offers comprehensive services focused on reducing ergonomic risk in the workplace via assessment services. These include:

Job Task Ergonomic Assessments

Job Role Profiling is an independent observation and assessment of different job roles to understand the hazards and risks that are present for each role in the business. JRP’s are collated to form a Job Role Dictionary, which could be utilised in recruitment, development of return to work processes, hazard identification, risk management and more.

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Ergonomic Task Analyses are a more in-depth observation and assessment of a job role or task and are typically conducted to investigate an incident or injury. Following the assessment, WFR compile a Risk Analysis Report which identifies and assesses all risk factors, and then utilises a Hierarchy of Control process to recommend ways to mitigate the risks of the task or role.


Office Ergonomics

Workstation Ergonomic Assessments are 20-30 minute individual consultations at their office workstation, assessing and educating on the physical and human factors of the work environment – such as the chair, desk items and IT hardware positioning. Individual or group reports can be provided, outlining any areas for concern and recommendations for workstations assessed.

To assist with ownership and sustainability of the office ergonomic process, WFR offers comprehensive Ergonomic Assessor Training workshops to provide the extra knowledge required to play this role.

Finally, Work Healthy, Stay Healthy™ has been developed to educate the office-based employee on managing the physical and mental aspects of their job role. The workshop has a comprehensive focus on workstation ergonomics, postural awareness, vision health, nutrition and stress management.

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Fatigue Management Training

WFR’s Fit 4 Work™ workshop is a perfect addition to a company’s induction process or as a stand-alone training workshop, covering fatigue and the other indirect risk factors influencing an individual’s ability to safely perform their job.

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Musculoskeletal Assessments and Conditioning

MusculoFit™ is WFR’s proactive musculoskeletal health improvement program that aims to reduce the occurrence of high-frequency strain and sprain-type injuries. The program begins with an individual musculoskeletal health screening and provides each employee with a support program to suit their musculoskeletal health status.

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Injury Management & Pre-Employment Medical Support

WFR’s Injury Management Support services provide maximum value to the Health and Safety department. Our Exercise Physiologists will work with you to maintain and improve the injury management process, ensuring an efficient and correct return-to-work process is in place.

If you’re looking to quickly clear a candidate for a role, let WFR manage the Pre-Employment Medical Assessment (PEMs) process for you using our team of trusted medical and health professionals.

WFR also supports its clients with Workers Compensation case management, return-to-work planning and programming and liaising with the case management team. WFR can also coordinate and complete Functional Capacity Evaluations on request to assist the return-to-work process.

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WFR’s solutions are systematic, proactive and sustainable. All of these programs can work alongside a range of WFR health and wellbeing solutions including Preventing Workplace Injuries, Boosting Employee Health and Enhancing Mental Wellbeing.

WFR work with you to assess your needs and customise a solution to help minimise the modifiable risks and improve your people’s overall fitness.

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