Preventing Worker Injuries

National workers compensation statistics highlight that ~60% of claims are made following or related to a musculoskeletal injury. WFR offer a range of products and services to reduce our client’s exposure to musculoskeletal injuries including:

Manual Handling Training & Coaching

Dynamic Back Care™ is a competency-based manual handling and postural education training program. By first gaining an understanding of the specific job roles and job tasks, we can create a training product specifically suited to the unique work environment.

Each component of the program is highly practical and functional, with participants gaining education, awareness and self-help tools and coaching across four core training modules:

  1. The Injured Body
  2. The Healthy Body
  3. Risk Identification and Control
  4. Manual Handling

The program is delivered in both training and real work-environments to assist the employees’ uptake of the training content.

A simple, but highly effective tool, Action-In-Motion™ involves the observation of job role-specific manual tasks (the ‘Action’) being completed, whilst providing feedback and coaching via video capture (the ‘Motion’) on the safe performance of the task. Postures, load handling, team work, and work environment layout are all considered when providing feedback to individuals.

WFR’s App-based tool allows the Exercise Physiologist to complete a side-by-side analysis of before and after videos to complete the learning – making it a cost and time efficient learning process.

Workplace stretching

WFR’s workplace stretching program Warm Up 4 Work™ is designed to encourage the workforce to undertake a daily routine of physical preparedness for their job role. Employees are educated on specific strength and conditioning exercises, compliance achieved through group stretch sessions and workplace posters.

‘Stretch Leaders’ are identified from the team to assist in the uptake and sustainability of the initiative. The individuals complete the Stretch Leaders Program™ to provide them the extra knowledge to play this role. Upon completion, they will have the confidence to provide advice on technique and educate new employees and identify high risk work behaviours that may result in musculoskeletal injuries.

Driver Health

Healthy Driver™ is a musculoskeletal injury prevention and health program specifically designed for heavy vehicle operators and drivers – including training in the use of the vehicle seats, the ergonomic layout of vehicle cabins, safe access and egress technique, as well as postural and manual handling training.

The training is practical and interactive typically delivered in both a training room and in specific work areas. Vehicle assessments are typically included in the program and involve assessing the ergonomics of the cabin and the rear of the vehicle.

WFR’s solutions are systematic, proactive and sustainable. All of these programs can work alongside a range of WFR health and wellbeing solutions including Reducing Workplace Risk, Boosting Employee Health and Enhancing Mental Wellbeing.

WFR work with you to assess your needs and customise a solution to help minimise the modifiable risks and improve your people’s overall fitness.

Contact us today to discuss an approach for your organisation.