Enhancing Mental Wellbeing

What to do about the prevalence of mental health challenges around us is a growing concern for many executives. Organisations and leader have a responsibility to look after our people’s wellbeing, but how do we navigate this complex and multifaceted issue?

Mental health education and training

Our Mental Health Awareness Program is the critical foundation for a business’s Mental Health strategy.. The program consists of an education presentation series for employees which assists to demystify and destigmatise different mental health challenges and arm employees with the support options and strategies to boost mental fitness.

Then, the Mental Health Leaders Workshop is delivered to provide leaders the tools and confidence to increase their awareness of employee health issues, and also how to provide initial support to staff within their team.

Mindfulness sessions

WFR’s group Mindfulness Sessions is the equivalent of going to the gym for your brain. We give you simple tools that can be incorporated into anybody’s day to help your people better manage daily stressors and remain calm and focussed. It’s a necessary skill for this busy world.

WFR’s solutions are systematic, proactive and sustainable. All of these programs can work alongside a range of WFR health and wellbeing solutions including Preventing Workplace Injuries, Reducing Workplace Risk and Boosting Employee Health.

WFR work with you to assess your needs and customise a solution to help minimise the modifiable risks and improve your people’s overall fitness.

Contact us today to discuss an approach for your organisation.