Boosting Employee Health

There is no doubt that healthy people create a healthy business. So if creating a healthier workplace is something your business seeks; you’ll also need to find a way to engage your workers in this vision. Our Health & Fitness Challenges are a fun and engaging way to create momentum toward you business objective.

Health Assessments

WFR’s Health 100™ program increases employee awareness of their own health, fitness and lifestyle status by providing advice, information and tools on how to improve or maintain their health.

The program assesses individuals across nine health categories, providing the individual with a detailed report – including a health risk rating score (out of 100) and recommendations.

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Health Education and Coaching

WFR are able to deliver a broad range of health, lifestyle and wellness information to employee groups via Health Health Presentations. Each health topic package includes a presentation, information brochures and promotional posters. Presentation topics focus on chronic disease awareness, nutrition, fitness, lifestyle and OHS.

WFR’s Health Intervention Programs are offered to employees deemed to be at high risk from an injury, health or medical perspective. WFR utilises its team of highly professional health and medical specialists to support the individual in managing their health status.

Fit for Life is a 8-12 week workplace campaign, designed to support individuals as they work toward their personal health and lifestyle goals.

The campaign kicks off with an initial goal setting session with each participant. A calendar of activities is then delivered, providing important education and support for those committed to building healthier lifestyle habits.

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Health & Fitness Challenges

RivaWFR’s Health & Fitness Challenges are an energising way to educate your people and encourage them to adopt healthier lifestyles.  Each of our team and individual health challenges assist organisations target a specific employee health objective. WFR supports clients to design, promote and deliver the challenge – making it quick and easy to roll out.

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Fitness & Gym Support

From offshore oil rigs to mine sites to corporate locations, WFR have the experience to deliver a fitness solution that addresses the specific needs of its clients.

WFR offers comprehensive Gym Management Services ensuring its gyms are safe and well-managed, with a training environment that is friendly and welcoming. Gym users have access to professional advice with regularly scheduled promotions and campaigns to ensure the gym is always exciting!

Customised Group Exercise Packages can also be designed to suit the varying needs of an employee group. Packages include a range of class styles to ensure there is something for everyone – from circuit training and boxercise, to pilates and yoga!

WFR’s solutions are systematic, proactive and sustainable. All of these programs can work alongside a range of WFR health and wellbeing solutions including Preventing Workplace Injuries, Reducing Workplace Risk and Enhancing Mental Wellbeing.

WFR work with you to assess your needs and customise a solution to help minimise the modifiable risks and improve your people’s overall fitness.

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