We now have a much healthier camp

Kicking health goals on site!

In February, WFR started delivering a Healthy Lifestyle Program at two of IGO’s Mining Operations, Nova and Jaguar, and the Corporate Office. WFR’s Exercise Physiologists Toni, Noelle and Jade work together with IGO’s Health and Wellbeing Coordinator, Davina Pellicano, to implement a holistic program aimed at increasing the Health and Wellness of employees and reducing the incidence of Musculoskeletal Injury.

The HLP programs have been well implemented in the last 2 months with high participation numbers on site, and there have already been noted improvements to the health and safety culture.

The camp manager at Jaguar reported an improvement in food choices. “Over the last few weeks, I have noticed changes for the better since Toni has been on board. The sales of Red Bull, PowerAid and soft drinks have dropped off. The amount of poached eggs eaten at breakfast has increased dramatically and fried eggs have slowed down. Less white bread is eaten and wholemeal bread has increased. I think we now have a much healthier camp.”

On Nova, Noelle has seen an increase in gym attendance and a change in attitude towards the Injury Prevention programs. “At first, I was getting some resistance about participating in the Warm Up 4 Work pre-start stretches,” Noelle reports. “But more recently, a Drilling Safety rep mentioned while reluctant at first, he has now started noticing the benefits of doing the stretches regularly, and has even started to walk home from work regularly.”

Jade delivers the Corporate Health Program at the IGO head office, with services such as Health Screens, Ergonomic Assessments, Health Coaching, and Fitness Programs on offer.

An increased range of health and injury prevention programs will be rolled out over the next few months, including the Race Around Health Challenge.