WFR partner with Tronox to implement Corporate Mental Health strategy

Mental Health is becoming more of an important focus within organisations as we see 1 in 8 Australians experiencing high or very high psychological distress each year.

TronoxEmployers have an obligation to look after their employees’ health and wellbeing.  Organisations play such an important role in ensuring a positive and productive work experiences for their employees, and whilst this has always been the case, the obligations, and abilities of an organisation to do this is coming under more and more scrutiny.  With this scrutiny comes the need to take considered action:

  • What is mental health in their organisational context?
  • What levers do they want to emphasise?
  • What is the role of the organisation in supporting people to remain mentally healthy?


WFR have been working with the team at Tronox over the past 18 months, assisting in their corporate mental health strategy. Initially, WFR were engaged to complete a desktop psychosocial review of the business (e.g. policies and procedures). WFR and Tronox then agreed on a longer-term strategy which consisted of the following:

  • Facilitation of a Mental Health Positioning process
  • Development of a Tronox Mental Health policy and procedure
  • Implementation of a business-wide Mental Health training strategy, which will include all employees and leaders


What does Mental Health mean at Tronox…
“Creating a safe workplace that enables our people to raise mental health concerns and support our team-mates wherever they are along the wellbeing continuum”


Tronox’s Mental Health training strategy consists of 4 core components;

Mental Health Awareness

WFR - Mental Health Awareness

MHA forms a critical foundation for any business’s corporate mental health strategy. The MHA workshop aids in removing the stigma around mental health as well as providing strategies to boost mental fitness and support options.

Mental Health Leaders

The Mental Health Leaders workshop is delivered to provide leaders with the tools and confidence to actively provide help and support their people should they require. In the workshop, leaders learn how to respond to mental health issues, their roles, and responsibilities and how to talk to team members.

Mental Health Education Packages

WFR will provide ongoing education packages in support of the Tronox 12-month mental health education strategy. Together with the training program, education packages are provided to Tronox for its leaders to deliver to their teams to ensure sustainability of the Mental Health message.

Ongoing Support

The Tronox leaders are supported throughout the year with ongoing training through coaching circles and one to one assistance. This is to help and support leaders with their continuing conversations with their people.


By adopting an ‘all-of-business’ approach to Mental Health, Tronox are giving themselves every opportunity to achieve long term and sustainable benefits and value from the strategy…. both for their employees and for the business itself

Steve Gauci, WFR 

The training will be rolled out to over 1200 employees across the Tronox Australia region.

Are you interested in supporting your business with mental health? Please get in contact by emailing for more information.