Tankers target health

Shell Tankers Australia embark on a health program

Shell Tankers Australia (STAPL) started working with WFR early in 2014 in order to create a wellness strategy for their North West Fleet. STAPL aimed to roll out health programs on board their tankers, but lacked data on the current health status of their work crews, and direction as to what areas needed attention.

A plan was put in place with WFR to complete a Baseline Health Assessment program in order to obtain current health, medical and lifestyle data. Health, wellness and injury prevention programs would also be initiated on board.

The Healthy Lifestyle Program commenced on the first North West tanker in October 2014. Since then WFR have completed 2 round trips on each of the 5 vessels: Sanderling, Stormpetrel, Snipe, Sandpiper, and Seaeagle. WFRs Wellness Trainers work with a crew of up to 25 on board, during trips from
Dampier to Japan lasting up to 15 days.

On board, a variety of programs are aimed at improving worker health and productivity, and reducing injury risk. Programs include Baseline Health Assessments, Health Presentations, Manual Handling Training, Workplace Stretching, Exercise Programs, Nutrition Coaching, and Fitness Classes.

Some results from the programs are:

  • Over 70% of the crew completed the Baseline Health Assessment program, analysis of the results highlighted which areas of health needed targeting.
  • 100% of the crew on board each ship completed Manual Handling Training and participated in Warm Up 4 Work stretches.
  • 25% of staff received a nutrition program, and 55% received a fitness program.

WFRs Wellness Trainers work hard to run these value adding programs without disrupting the crews work flow. Efficient planning and communication allow our staff to embed programs on board while working around different shifts, room and equipment restrictions, and even language barriers, to ensure that all staff are included in all aspects of the program.

Enthusiasm in the project starts on day one with several crew having penned many questions in readiness for our arrival through feedback from other vessels. There is constant positive feedback from the crew as to how it has increased their awareness on how to live a healthier lifestyle on the ship and at home. WFR have seen major changes in a variety of participants including improved flexibility, commencing regular exercise or changing their diet. One crew member went from drinking 14 cups of coffee a day to 3 and increased his water intake. As a result he was then able to fall asleep before midnight and improved his alertness during the day.

In early 2015, WFR also started working with Shell Tankers Brunei. To date, WFR have been on board each of their 6 Tankers: Abadi, Amali, Amani, Arkat, Bebatik, and Belanak, travelling from Brunei to Japan and Korea. Stay tuned for a feature on the Brunei fleet…

For more information on WFRs range of injury prevention and health programs, or our work with Shell Tankers, please contact us.