Sleepiness Epidemic

Are your supervisors equipped to manage fatigued staff…

A new report by the Sleep Health Foundation released earlier this year, shows that Australia’s ‘epidemic’ of sleep deprivation is effecting productivity, safety and mental health.

The research, published in the International Sleep Health Journal, reported on the following alarming statics:
– 45% of adults sleep poorly or not long enough most nights
– 1 in 5 people have nodded off while driving
– 29% report making errors at work due to sleepiness

One of the main insights to come out of the report is the effect that our “24/7 society” is having on our levels of fatigue. The data showed that a quarter of all adults use the internet most or every night of the week just before bed and have frequent sleep difficulties or daytime impairments.
And 23% report their typical routine of work or home duties
does not allow them to get enough sleep.

The report also showed a prevalence of sleep related decreases in productivity, where workers are present at work but have a reduced ability to finish tasks, focus on work and cope with distractions (also known as presenteeism). One of the effects of fatigue is a reduction in an individuals awareness of how tired they are, which increases the risk of incidents at work.

One risk management strategy being utilised by employers is higher level fatigue training for Supervisors. As supervisors are on the front line, they have the best opportunity in the workplace to detect employee fatigue, instigate mitigation actions and change the work culture in fatigue reporting.

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