Renewed with Riva!

Boddington gold mine on a health kick…

Newmont Boddington Gold Mine staff have an extra kick in their step this month with almost 100 employees taking part in Riva! Riva is WFRs premium nutrition based challenge that educates participants on the benefits of healthy foods.

The Riva program is facilitated over a six week period with 3 phases (Eliminate, Rejuvenate, and Balance) aimed to maximise nutritional benefits and lifestyle changes. This includes cleansing the digestive system, improving energy levels, creating healthy eating, shopping and cooking habits, and a reduction in health disease risk.

All NBG Riva participants received a comprehensive individual health consultation and a start up pack. The reasons for people wanting to start Riva have been very individual…

  • to have more energy
  • for new ideas on health
  • to lose weight
  • to start healthier eating
  • to lower cholesterol

WFR’s Health and Wellness Officer at Boddington, Tim Davies, has seen a fantastic start to the program. “A lot of people have shed a few unwanted kilo’s especially in the first week of the program. Some participants have been following the program quite strictly, and more than a few have had lapses along the way,” Tim has noted. “The most important thing is knowing that if they do stumble it is better to get back up, brush themselves off and keep on the journey, rather than giving up. Our main goal is to help people change their eating to a healthy, balanced diet which they are able to maintain.”

During the health challenge NBG participants have ongoing support from the Health and Wellness Officers, Tim and Georgie. This includes weekly consultations, and Riva e-newsletters with recipes, nutritional tips and challenge updates. The ongoing support is one of the most valued parts of the health challenge.

Hear more about the program from one of the Riva participants:

“After gaining a lot of weight on holidays, I struggling for energy both home and work. I had a Health100 assessment with WFR, and the results hit me hard, and I knew I needed to get back into it. When I saw the bulletin for Riva program, I was a bit hesitant initially then had a chat to Georgina and decided to do the program. I planned everything for my R&R, did a big shop and started the program.

It was hard the first week, but then I found the structure of the program helped me slip into it gradually. After two weeks, I felt very fresh with renewed energy, then it helped me push bit by bit. My healthy eating habits got better and better, replaced my sweet cravings with nuts and fruits which I think going to stay with me. Gym routine is regular now and eating habits changed, it is gradual process so didn’t hit my body system hard and that help me adapt to the program more effectively and efficiently. All in all I lost 7kg so far and feel more fit, energetic and active.

A big thank you to Georgina and Tim for the help and motivation. Hopefully this will initiate a life style change in me, family and motivate my other colleagues and friends.”

For more information about how you can become involved with Riva, please contact us