New virtual offering

We hope you’re staying safe and adapting well to what appears to be our ‘new normal’ for the next little while.

We know you’ve been under the pump. Almost overnight, you’ve needed to change how you deliver your day-to-day operations to keep your people safe and comply with new regulations. While the dust is yet the settle on these changes, many of you are now shifting your focus to your duty of care as an employer in this COVID-19 world – whatever it looks like for your workplace.

And this is where we can help.

New virtual program

Introducing Working From Home; Working Alonea 6-month virtual program that addresses the specific challenges of working remotely or alone in the world of COVID-19. Most of the content in the program is not new. Of course, we’ve made a few tweaks to ensure its relevant to today’s health crisis.

WFR are well equipped to help you with this transition. In our 20+ years supporting clients in remote, regional and other challenging work environments, we’ve learned a thing or two. Ensuring your people are safe and healthy is the most important thing you can you as an employer, or a human, right now.

While Working From Home; Working Alone is designed as a comprehensive health and wellbeing offering – single solutions can be delivered as stand-alone items if desired.

Let’s find a solution that works for your business in this COVID-19 world. Contact us today!