MH Train the Trainers

Lindt & Sprungli upskill their staff for proactive injury prevention

Musculoskeletal Injuries continue to be the leading cause of workers compensation claims in Australia. And despite advances in safety and risk controls, we still rely on employees practising safe work techniques to prevent injuries from occurring. Manual Handling training for staff is just one of the ways that injuries are prevented.


For some companies, though, there can be barriers to ensuring staff are adequately trained. These can include tight budgets, remote staff locations, time constraints, or lack of knowledge of what is required. One solution is to upskill your own key staff members to deliver customised manual handling training.

There are many benefits of investing in training and upskilling your own staff:

  • flexibility to deliver the training at any time and location,
  • enabling early identification of injury risks,
  • educating new employees from day one,
  • giving task specific manual handing training,
  • fostering a safe work culture,
  • and reducing the costs of external providers


Worksite Fitness and Rehabilitation’s, Train the Trainer and Assessor Trainer courses are designed to empower your staff to confidently deliver training programs and effectively deliver the injury prevention message.

One company who recently engaged WFR to run a Train the Trainer program is Lindt & Sprüngli (Aust). Lindt & Sprungli have taken a proactive approach to reducing injuries by rolling out a LINDT SAFE – Inury Prevention Program. The holistic program included: awareness sessions for new starters, manual handling workshops for existing staff, Warm Up for Work stretches, and risk awareness posters in the workplace. Key staff from HSE, Training, and leaders from each department where trained to deliver the Lindt & Sprungli customised Injury Prevention workshops.


WFR’s Train the Trainer program method ensures that the information and training provided is company specific and customised to suit your work environment. This program includes:

  • Workplace assessment of high risk tasks
  • Development of customised resources
  • Comprehensive training workshop and trainer presentation guidelines
  • Instruction for delivering an engaging message
  • Discussion in effectively rolling out the program
  • Provision of supporting products and resources

The Train the Trainer program is a comprehensive, customised, and cost effective solution to ensure your staff have the knowledege and tools to safety conduct manual handling and reduce injury risk in the workplace. For more information, please contact us.